Snazz up your branding

Have you outgrown your bland branding? No longer aligning with what you do–we’ll shake it up.

For logo advice, book a video call below

Custom logos

Tell me your story and allow me to incubate my creative juices in your favour.

After the bun’s in the oven, it’ll pop out all freshly risen and delicious.

A strong logo that reflects your business energy to help you magnetically attract the clients whose values align with yours.

Logo adjustments

Let’s magic back that lost file.

Or sharpen the pixelation on a logo that’s way too small for print.

Or turn a ‘meh’ clipart logo into something with personality.

Get a master file. One file to rule them all and generate any future file, should you or your suppliers need to.

Branded cards

Get a unique, quirky greetings card – designed and delivered before your special event. Or an info card about your business, with a clear call to action – ready to hand out when networking.

Channel your message and free up your time to focus on the event, instead of a creative conundrum.

I’ll professionalise your business image

Imagine that your ideal client was taking a look at your business profile right now. You only get one chance to make that first impression. Is yours one you can feel proud of?

Whether or not they reach out to you is an instinctive decision, based entirely on what they think of you in that moment.

Who’s Narjas?

An internationally-schooled architect turned graphic designer. With a wealth of creative expertise, and has worked in the corporate world as well as the public sector.

Narjas Windo woman in a pink and black biker's jacket with arms stretched out holding on to a cast iron fence behind her

A happy client shares what it was like to work with me

Check out Tina Neve’s testimonial, where she describes what it was like getting her logo rebranded.

The new logo brought a complete transformation to her growing business and improved confidence in the offerings.

The strap line got an active voice makeover and became even more powerful. Bonus!

cute illustration of a room with a sofa and steps with plants on them

Logo Lounge

Let’s talk logos. Want feedback from myself and other business owners on your exciting new logo idea? Maybe you’re grappling with the colours, font, or where it needs to show up in your if.

An opportunity to hang out in a kind, constructive space, and leave with suggestions to implement.

Tune in Wednesdays at 1pm GMT for half an hour. Tickets available soon.


Patient, thorough, creative

Narjas is an excellent designer and I’m very happy indeed with the work she’s done on the my logo. She was patient, thorough, creative and great to work with, crafting a new look to the brand.


Jonathon Watkins

Photographer, PhotoGlow Photography Ltd

Improved my random idea

Narjas gave me the first look at my new logo – it might sound crazy, but I actually cried! I can’t believe how she’s managed to pull the random idea out of my head, improve it and then make an actual working logo out of it.

It’s better even than I imagined it could be!

Cindy Hobbs

Certified Coach, The Feel Good Coach

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